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Harpal Brar: Nato's Predatory War Against Yugoslavia (£5.00)
<em>Nato's Predatory War Against Yugoslavia</em> (£5.00)24 March 2009 marked the 10th anniversary of Nato’s war against Yugoslavia.

Waged in the name of stopping ethnic cleansing, it was an exercise in gigantic ethnic cleansing; waged in the name of stopping genocide, it was a genocidal war against the Yugoslav people; waged in the name of averting humanitarian disaster, it caused the worst humanitarian disaster in Europe since the second world war; waged in the name of democracy and human rights, it was a war to impose puppet regimes in the constituent republics of former Yugoslavia; waged in the name of defending the sovereign rights of the Kosovan people, it was a war to set up a Nato puppet state in Kosovo.

Ten years on, even the most dull-witted can see that Nato, led by US imperialism, waged a predatory war for breaking up Yugoslavia into small, easily digestible morsels.

Those who waged this war, the Clintons and Blairs, deserve to be tried as war criminals before a tribunal such as Nuremburg, which tried the Nazi war criminals. And the dupes on the left, who supported this war, deserve to be pilloried for what they really are - the left wing of Anglo-American imperialism.

The proletariat of all Nato countries must join their voices to the call of progressive people everywhere for this aggressive alliance to be disbanded!

The articles in this book chart the build-up to, prosecution of and aftermath of the war against Yugoslavia, with detailed analysis of the real as well as the supposed motivations of those who waged it.
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