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Book summary
Harpal Brar (editor): Chimurenga! The Liberation Struggle in Zimbabwe
<em>Chimurenga! The Liberation Struggle in Zimbabwe</em>“The struggle against imperialism must be fought and fought in the interests of the masses of Zimbabwe” (Robert Mugabe)

The material presented in this book tells the story of Zimbabwe's national revolutionary struggle for liberation from the clutches of racism, colonialism and imperialism - beginning with the armed struggle for independence and culminating in final resolution of the most fundamental question of the liberation struggle, namely, the restoration of the land of Zimbabwe to its people.

Further, it emphasises the necessity for the proletarian revolutionary movement in the imperialist countries to support the national revolutionary movements of the oppressed people, stressing that such support is not merely a question of humanitarianism but is in the direct class interest of the proletariat in the centres of imperialism.

Finally, it emphasises the economic roots of opportunism in the working-class movement in the imperialist countries and the necessity of exposing and fighting against opportunism and the inevitability of a break with it, for "the fight against imperialism is a sham and a fraud unless it is inseparably bound up with the fight against opportunism". (VI Lenin)
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