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The following articles contain the word 'libya' in the title
> Libya: Green resistance on the rise (December 2012)
> Libya: green flag raised in Bani Walid (February 2012)
> Ethinic cleansing in Nato's 'new' Libya (December 2011)
> Support the Libyan resistance (October 2011)
> Nato’s war crimes in Libya (August 2011)
> The true face of ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Libya (June 2011)
> Hands off Libya! (April 2011)
The following articles contain the word 'libya' in the text
> Venezuela stands firm against US imperialist aggression (October 2017)
> Saudi vs Qatar: thieves fall out (August 2017)
> Terrorist atrocity in Manchester (June 2017)
> Syria: Russian peace proposal takes effect (June 2017)
> Palestinian hunger strike ends in victory (June 2017)
> The US election hacking scandal (February 2017)
> What did the collapse of the USSR mean to us? (February 2017)
> Trump’s victory: another blow at imperialism (December 2016)
> Saudi Arabia admitted on to the UNHCR while Russia is voted off (December 2016)
> The Fifa poppy ban (December 2016)
> Syria: Latest imperialist war crimes are aimed at saving Islamic State from defeat (October 2016)
> Chilcot report: a devastating exposure of the British establishment (August 2016)
> US imperialism’s military aggression is the major factor behind South China Sea disputes (August 2016)
> Crisis in the Labour party (August 2016)
> Syrian patriotic forces advancing (April 2016)
> On the New Year’s Eve events in Germany (February 2016)
> Junior doctors’ fight to save our NHS betrayed (December 2015)
> Paris terror attacks: Further proof that we need to overthrow imperialism (December 2015)
> Syria: Imperialism on the back foot (December 2015)
> Who is to blame for the refugee crisis? (October 2015)
> Imperialism raises the stakes in Syria (October 2015)
> The last thing Lebanon needs is a phony ‘Arab Spring’ (October 2015)
> What did the Indian workers do for us? (October 2015)
> Hypocritical imperialist double-dealing in Syria (August 2015)
> Benefit cuts: Who are the real parasites in our society? (August 2015)
> Black and white, unite and fight! (August 2015)
> Idlib setback in Syria: Imperialism crows too soon (June 2015)
> We Are Many: New film prettifies leaders of the anti-war movement (June 2015)
> Letter: Who’s ‘playing games’ with our health service? (April 2015)
> MI5 and the jihadists: an unholy alliance (April 2015)
> Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank – another challenge to imperialist hegemony (April 2015)
> Imperialism’s oil game (February 2015)
> Thatcher government’s machinations exposed (February 2015)
> On n’est pas Charlie (February 2015)
> Syria: Terrorist collapse in Aleppo (December 2014)
> Burkina Faso: Upright once again (December 2014)
> Human rights: DPRK vs USA (December 2014)
> Scottish nationalism: weakening the working-class movement (October 2014)
> Disband the neo-Nazi Nato alliance (October 2014)
> The Calais immigrants are our class brothers and sisters (October 2014)
> Afghanistan: In imperialism’s bloody wake (August 2014)
> Brazil 2014 – the people’s World Cup (June 2014)
> Crimea goes home (April 2014)
> Editorial: The BBC lies (April 2014)
> World War Three in the making (April 2014)
> Syria: proxy war disintegrates into chaos (February 2014)
> Turkey: Erdogan’s AKP in deep trouble (February 2014)
> Korea: front line between socialism and imperialism (February 2014)
> Anti-imperialist youth meet in Ecuador (February 2014)
> International speakers illustrate the battle for ideas in socialist China (December 2013)