What you are supposed to think about Stalin and why

Red Youth comrade outlines the prevalant anti-Stalin and anti-Soviet propaganda that is taught in schools.

Proletarian TV

Proletarian TV

In this short message to young people, Comrade Arthur points out that once the stock phrases are recited, there is no real information to back up the anti-communist propaganda that young British workers are force-fed and taught to recite in GCSE and A-level courses. A real ignorance of the history of workers’ struggle underlies our tendency to swallow this propaganda hook line and sinker.

Whether it is young people’s fight against poverty, for employment, for housing, healthcare and education, or against nationalism, racism and discrimination, the cherished views and interests of working-class youth today are fully aligned with the rights championed, pioneered and won by the Soviet Union under the leadership of Josef Stalin.

More and more youth are turning against the crisis-ridden system of capitalism and coming close to embracing socailism; and it is clear that the toxic mixture of anti-communist and anti-Stalin lies are a potent weapon, a carefully fostered and reinforced myth, that stands between the disenfranchised and disillusioned workers and effective action for meaningful change.

Arthur examines some of the most prevalant anti-communist muyths, and their dubious sources, from George Orwell’s Animal Farm to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gualg Archipelago.

It is the capitalists’ fear and hatred of the workers and their struggle for power that drives them to pour their venom on the great and glorious example of Soviet socialism, which proved beyond a shadow of doubt that another, better, more equal, more just and more sustainable future for humanity is possible.