On the eve of Britain’s bombing of Syria, Comrade Dan on Press TV

The first condition for building a movement that can stop imperialist war is to expose the imperialist lie machine.

Comrade Dan of the CPGB-ML gives a hard-hitting interview to Press TV outside Downing Street on Friday 13 April 2018, at the anti-war demonstration called by the CPGB-ML to protest the media, diplomatic and military escalation, and the (then) threatened attacks on Syria by British prime minister Theresa May, in conjunction with Emmanual Macron of France and Donald Trump of the USA.

Dan points out the lack of evidence, and the lack of transparency in the narrative of imperialism, which we are supposed to swallow without question. Yet the fact that the US, Britain and France forced through the attacks on Syria in advance of the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) inspection of the alleged site of chemical attack in Douma, clearly leads us to the conclusion that the imperialist governments feared its lies would be exposed as pure war propaganda: the highest international crime according to the post-WW2 Nuremberg Tribunal (preparation of aggressive war against a sovereign state).

It is increasingly clear that the White Helmets (a jihadi group that has presented itself as an unaffiliated ‘humanitarian’ group, rather than the PR branch of the al-Qaeda head-choppers in Syria it really is; a paid proxy of US imperialism in its bid to overthrow the democratic and legitimate Syrian government) staged this false flag attack.

Therefore, the alleged justification for this premeditated and illegal intervention falls flat on its face. The discredited ‘White Helmet’ jihadis produced poor quality video footage, blaming this alleged attack on the government of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, and supplied it to the imperialist state and media organisations in the US, France and Britain, to prepare the psychological operations for the missile strikes that were rushed through in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Our government is dragging us toward war not only with Syria, but with Russia, which is quite legitimately supporting the democratic Syrian government against the barbarous US-British-Nato sponsored genocide and subversion of the Syrian people’s right to self-determination.

No to imperialism! No to Nato!
No to war with Syria! No to war with Russia!