Syria briefing: What’s really going on?

Comrade Dan outlines the forces that are driving the system to ever greater war, and explains what is needed if humanity is to stop the war drive.

Proletarian TV

Proletarian TV

Following the US, French and British imperialist missile attacks on Syria in the early hours of Saturday 14 April, Comrade Dan of the CPGB-ML gives a briefing on the situation at a public meeting in London.

He discusses the rationale for the attacks – and the patent lack of evidence for their faked ‘humanitarian’ role; their relation to the ongoing plan of destabilisation and regime change that imperialism is waging directly and via proxies in Syria.

The wider goal is domination of the middle east and its resources, and ultimately the isolation of and confrontation with Russia and China.

Dan discusses the forces of the Kurdish YPG and their role in the US-created ‘Syria Defence Force’, the latest imperialist proxy army that is being used to occupy one third of the mineral-rich northeast of the country.

Not only are the Kurds of the YPG putting narrow nationalism above all else, they are also placing their Kurdish ethnicity above others, including their brother Syrians, and so have allowed themselves to become US imperial pawns for effecting regime change and stealing the mineral resources of Syria and the region.

Dan discusses the shameful position of the British Labour party and the Stop the War Coalition (StW), both of which have called for a ‘vote’ to legitimise imperialism’s war, denounced the ‘alleged chemical attacks of the government’ (faked and trumped up as they were), and condemned both Russian and Iranian forces for coming to the aid of their Syrian allies in their hour of need, helping to defend Syria’s sovereignty against the US imperialist hyenas, who seek to break the country into pieces and feast off the remains.

No war on Syria! Death to Imperialism! Victory to the Syrian Arab Army! Victory to President Assad and the Syrian Arab Republic! Victory to Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and the anti-imperialist forces of resistance!