The royal wedding – our tribute!

With Windsor cleared of unsightly homeless and the media saturated with royal circus imagery, we remember a few facts about our 'fairytale prince'.

Proletarian TV

Proletarian TV

It’s been hard to escape the wall-to-wall pro-royal agitprop surrounding this latest pageant of our imperial class.

Lest we forget that the real meaning of Hollywood royalty marrying Brit imperial royalty is to bolster both US and British imperialism, give the stuffy royals a facelift, and provide an opportunity to distract the masses, let’s revisit some of Harry’s previous episodes to illustrate what he really thinks.

Our ruling class is deeply racist and chauvinist and profoundly antipathetic to the plight of the British working people – unless they are professing their loyalty to their exploiters, the grateful cockney clowns!

The royal family has long had fascist sympathies – because Adolf Hitler knew how to deal with the communists and keep the proles in their place! Those sympathies have not gone away, as is clear from all that we really know about the unsavoury Windsor crew.

So while 300,000 British workers are homeless, while a quarter of the working-age population is jobless, while over a million rely on food banks to supplement their starvation wages, and 6 out of 7 billion human beings on planet Earth live a wretched and precarious existence – we pledge not loyalty, but unwavering hostility, and a ceaseless campaign for a republic and for socialism.

We will sweep away this dark stain upon our national history.

Down with the monarchy!