Iranian foreign minister explains why Iran is developing ballistic missiles

Mohammed Javad Zarif eloquently lays out the reality for those resisting imperialist domination of the middle east.

This short video clip is an excerpt from the eloquent representation of Iranian foreign minister Mohammed Javad Zarif to the European parliament in February 2017.

He points out that Iran spends $15bn on its military defense. Why? Because the US, British and EU imperialists have sold $150bn of arms to the region – principally to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, and the salafi terrorists in Syria.

It is the US that is the aggressor in the middle east, in partnership with its regional proxies. Javad Zarif, in this delegation and presentation at the EU parliament last year, lays bare the mendacious propaganda that would paint Iran as the aggressor.

Iran is a key part of the resistance to imperialist domination, war and plunder of the middle east. The US has not forgiven the Iranian people for repatriating such a significant store of natural wealth, potential labour to exploit and markets to dominate following their national rising and the deposition of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Death to imperialism!