October 100: Working people have no country – we must win one

A better world is possible. Join us!

Comrade Ranjeet speaks for the CPGB-ML at the centenary celebration of the Great Socialist October Revolution.

Our politics and movement are a growing force in Britain and worldwide, as workers seek a way out of the inequality and injustice that capitalist society metes out to them, and our comrades have learned the hard way that without a revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement.

Capitalist crisis continues to stalk the globe, leaving death and destruction in its wake, and, on the back of the poverty and misery of workers, the British and world imperialist classes pursue monopolist profits, concentrating capital – the wealth and productive capacity of humanity – to an obscene degree, into ever fewer hands.

In this context, the October Revolution continues to inspire us – and we must keep that glorious vision of a future egalitarian and fulfilling life for workers and humanity alive.

Lenin, commenting in 1918 on the influence of the USSR upon the proletarians of all countries said: “The example of the Soviet republic will stand before them for a long time to come. Our Socialist Republic of Soviets will stand secure as a torch of international socialism and as an example to all the labouring masses.

“Over there – conflict, war, bloodshed, the sacrifice of millions of lives, capitalist exploitation; here – a genuine policy of peace and a Socialist Republic of Soviets.”

It is our job in the socialist movement to build a truly working-class party that is capable of counteracting the social-democratic recruiting sergeants of imperialism, of turning the breaches in the world imperialist front to the advantage of the international proletariat. To learn the lessons of October; to follow the example of October.

The absolute numbers of politically conscious workers are as yet small, but our strength lies in the fact that we truly represent the interests of the vast masses.

A better world is possible. Join us!