Defend Brexit and manufacturing jobs

Overproduction in the car industry is being blamed on ‘Brexit uncertainty’ in an effort to justify reversing the EU referendum result.

JLR, Bentley, Aston Martin and many other big players in the car industry are fighting an anti-Brexit propaganda war, blaming everything on Brexit.

If you listened to these powerful giants, whose businesses are worth many billions, you would be led to believe that before the British people voted to leave the European Union there had never been any problems in the car industry.

The facts are rather different, however. The most important fact to understand is that there is a huge crisis in the car industry – not because of Brexit, but because of two main factors.

First, the manufacturers have made more cars than they can shift. Whilst the overproduction crisis preceded Brexit and will get worse with or without Brexit, Bentley are not lying when they warn about the possible disruption of supply lines, such as delay to the arrival of engines imported from Germany, etc. However, disruption or no disruption, that does not alter the fact that there are just too many Bentleys and not enough customers able to buy them.

Second, the large powerful car producers are constantly looking for opportunities to outsource jobs and export their capital to oppressed countries where labour and costs are cheaper. The manufacturers and their shareholders are motivated by making bigger profits. Just now, having made more cars than they can sell, the manufacturers have identified a perfect opportunity to blame this jumping ship onto Brexit.

In recent years JLR, Aston Martin, Bentley and other manufacturers have made billions of pounds in profit. These companies must not be allowed to throw hundreds of workers who’ve generated those huge profits straight onto the dole. Workers must be kept on full pay and manufacturing jobs must be protected. Companies who’ve made huge profits must not be allowed to undermine the democratic will of the British people to leave the EU.

Defend manufacturing jobs
Defend Brexit!