Anti-fascist work: advice from a former fascist

Workers can be won over with reason and debate, but they need scientific analysis to counter the lies of the demagogues.

At the CPGB-ML’s eighth party congress in 2018, we discussed our approach to anti-fascist work in Britain.

The contribution in this short video is a valuable personal perspective based on the experiences of a former fascist turned comrade, and was part of a debate that led to a motion being passed unanimously that emphasised the need to engage with British workers irrespective of any reactionary ideas they may hold.

Unfortunately, the reality is that there is no strong communist movement Britain. This raises the question as to where popular support for the communist movement is going to come from.

Experience has taught us that individuals who feel alienated from British society are prepared to listen to our ideas. We should try and win over ‘honest workers’ who have been duped by reactionary and fascistic ideas by using the science of Marxism Leninism to explain their circumstances.

The need to engage with reactionary elements within the working class is not a new phenomena. Every socialist nation has had to wage a struggle against reactionary ideas that exist within the proletariat.

As Comrade Chris says in his contribution: “Now is the time for us to convince and recruit.”


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The fascist offensive and the tasks of the Communist International in the struggle of the working class against fascism, report delivered at the seventh world congress of the Communist International by Georgi Dimitrov, 2 August 1935