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WATCH THIS: 'We will win!' -- Syrian Communist Youth (Proletarian TV, November 2017)
READ THIS: The October Revolution 100 years on: we did it once, we can do it again (Lalkar, November 2017)
BUY THIS: Red Christmas cards (£3.50, Proletarian bookshop)
EVENT: LONDON: Another View of Stalin: Sunday 17 December, 2.00pm

Three short talks by young comrades to the Stalin Society followed by a short social. All welcome.    More info >>

Black Africans are being sold into slavery in Nato's LibyaLOCAL: The London Worker: No to slavery and Nato in Libya

We believe that all people are created equal -- yet around the world today our brothers and sisters are in chains. Our souls cry out in anger and pain when we see slave markets reborn in Libya in the 21st century. How has humanity arrived at this shameful and humiliating place?    Read more >>   Download the leaflet >>

WATCH THIS: Footage from the recent anti-slavery march >>
Proletarian: December January edition online

Proletarian, issue 81 TOP STORIES

Tribute to Comrade Robert Mugabe

Birmingham’s binmen conclude their strike ... for now

Editorial: Message to Birmingham’s bin workers

The Paradise Papers and corporate tax avoidance

GPs resisting wholesale privatisation of NHS surgeries

Stop academisation of our schools!

Syria moves forward

100 years since the Balfour declaration

Turmoil in the House of Saud

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Proletarian TV: The solution to our problems is staring us in the face. Let us learn the lessons of October and take our fate into our own hands.
The Labour party in the unions is a wolf in sheeps' clothingLOCAL: The Birmingham Worker: Labour in the trade unions

As the bin strike comes to an end, our comrades examine the role played by the Labour party, not only in the council but also inside the binmen's own union. Labour-affiliated officials pushed for compromises and retreats when the binmen's organisation and determination could very well have gained them a full victory. What do we need to do to get a leadership that is equal to the fights that are still to come?    Read more >>

WATCH THIS: The 'Old Labour' myth >>
Class Analysis book coverPAMPHLET: Class Society in 21st Century Britain

Bourgeois academics, media pundits and figureheads of the counter-revolutionary ‘left’ continue to sow confusing and superficial ideas about class. This propaganda campaign has been so effective as to destroy not just class consciousness and solidarity amongst many workers in Britain, but also the very idea of class itself.

The truth, however, is that British society is as riven by class divide and conflict as it has ever been. This short pamphlet is essential reading for those who wish to understand how our society works today and how best we can work to change it.    More info >>

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