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WATCH THIS: North Korea 2014 -- Keith Bennett talks to George Galloway on RT (YouTube, January 2014)
READ THIS: Thailand - rebellion of the rich (Lalkar, March 2014)
Public meeting: The fascist coup in Ukraine

Anti-fascists protect a statue of LeninAs the ill-fated fascist provocation continues to backfire on its imperialist backers, we ask what is really happening in Ukraine, and who stands to benefit from the coup.

Join us in Southall on Saturday 12 April at 6.00pm as we discuss the imperialist drive towards war, war and more war.   More details

Crimea goes home (Proletarian, April 2011)

Ukraine: fascist coup (Lalkar, March 2014)

'The vast majority of Ukrainians don't want this new civil war' (Proletarian, February 2014)

The devastating effects of the restoration of capitalism in the Ukraine (Lalkar, May 2011)

Europe shivers in gas war (Proletarian, February 2009)

Editorial: Imperialist agenda in Ukraine (Proletarian, December 2004)

Red salute to Comrade Iris Cremer (November 1943-April 2014)

Comrade Godfrey CremerTogether with Comrade Godfrey, Iris lived a life that taught a whole generation just what it meant to really be a communist. Their selfless, work-focused home was as warm and welcoming a place as any of us have ever known, and their example lives on in all who had the good fortune to experience their generous hospitality and gentle guidance.
Tribute to Iris Mary Jessie Cremer

Photos of Comrade Iris (Flickr)

The Stalin Society's next meeting will be a tribute to Comrade Iris

Video tributes from Godfrey's memorial meeting (YouTube, May 2012)

Video: Katt Cremer on the October revolution (YouTube, November 2013)

Iris and Godfrey: a true communist couple
Doing what needed to be done, and doing it gladly.
Proletarian: April/May edition online

Proletarian, issue 59 TOP STORIES

Crimea goes home

Reactionaries back on the offensive in Venezuela

Editorial: The BBC lies

World War Three in the making

Syria: Proxy warriors in disarray

Police racism is not a case of a few 'rotten apples'

New Hospital Care Act gives health minister sweeping closure powers

Quenelle: 'Up yours' to the system and to zionist Israel!

Industry matters: blacklisters in the dock

Industry matters around the world: Migrant workers in Qatar face slavery and death

Proletarian, issue 59 >>

Women hold up half the sky
Not a single great movement of the oppressed has been able to do without the participation of working women!
Women's liberation will only be achieved under socialism

Poster for the Chinese film Red Detachment of WomenWhere does women's oppression come from? How can we end it? As the crisis deepens, the situation of women is becoming worse and not better. Women are disproportionately affected by cuts and unemployment, while the rights of working women with caring responsibilities are once more being openly attacked by employers who demand 'flexibility' above all else.

Women hold up half the sky (Proletarian, April 2014)

VIDEO: Early feminism: bourgeois and proletarian (Proletarian, March 2014)

One hundred years of International Women's Day (Proletarian, February 2011)

Film: Made in Dagenham (Proletarian, February 2011)

Book: Striking a Light, the Bryant and May Matchwomen (Proletarian, June 2011)

Revolutionary women: From Constance Markiewicz to Valentina Tereshkova (R Youth, Mar 14)

Why should you be celebrating International Women's Day? (Red Youth, March 2014)

Missed a meeting? Watch these.
Nelson Mandela: freedom fighter
Nelson Mandela and his legacy

Comrade Nelson MandelaAttempts are being made to rewrite the history of Mandela and the ANC. A myth is in the process of being created according to which Mandela was totally committed to non-violence; that he was a South African Gandhi who opposed the use of armed resistance by the oppressed masses in pursuit of their liberation.

Nothing could be further from the truth. After the Sharpeville massacre of 1960, Mandela was one of the key founders of the ANC's military wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe in 1961, and its first Commander-in-Chief. He never went back on the principle of armed resistance in pursuit of liberation.    Read the full article

Mandela obituary from the Marxist Workers School of South Africa (Blog, December 2013)

Mandela: A life of hard and heroic struggle in the service of the masses (Lalkar, Jan 2014)

Remembering Nelson Mandela (joti2gaza, January 2014)

Poem: Tata Madiba, we are ONE with you! (Blog, January 2014)

The economics of capitalist imperialism
Capitalism vs socialiam. A no-brainer, surely??
LEAFLET: No cooperation with capitalist austerity!

Protestor's placard reads: 'Stop evictions'. Locksmiths and firefighters have refused to cooperate with evictions in SpainOur rulers have made it clear what their plan is: they hope to pass the burden of their latest crisis onto the backs of working people through austerity and war, saving their fortunes and their system at our expense. They do not care what catastrophic effects their self-preservation strategies have on the planet or the masses of humanity.

It is time for Britain's workers to make an alternative plan. If we want to stop this assault, we must stop expecting the minions of the capitalist state to deliver justice and get organised to claim what is rightfully ours.    Read the leaflet; Read the full article

The destruction of legal aid is an attack on workers' rights (Proletarian, February 2014)

Cuts, floods and climate change (Proletarian, February 2014)

Capitalism, wages and exploitation (Proletarian, August 2013)

Speech: Red Youth -- October (YouTube, November 2011)

Speech: Join the struggle (YouTube, August 2011)

STATEMENT: Defeat the murderous imperialist predatory war against the Syrian people!

A US soldier protests against war on SyriaSyria has become the target of imperialist subversion and aggression for pursuing independent economic and foreign policies, for opposing the war in Libya, for its support for the Iraqi resistance, for its support for the cause of the liberation of Palestine from zionist occupation, and for its alliance with Iran and the Lebanese resistance movement, Hizbollah; in short, for its position in the axis of resistance that today stands in opposition to the zionist-imperialist axis of evil.    Read the statement

Syria: Damascus calls the West's 'humanitarian' bluff (Lalkar, March 2014)

The battle for Yarmouk is Syria's Stalingrad (joti2gaza, January 2014)

Why Mother Agnes was kicked off the Stop the War platform (Proletarian, December 2013)

The media war on Syria: how it misleads honest activists (Lalkar, Nov 2013)

Stop the War Coalition ten years on (Red Youth blog, February 2013)

A Christmas letter to Amnesty International (Red Youth blog, December 2012)

Defend Syria -- know the facts!
A reminder of what is really going in Syria -- and of the crucial role the corporate media plays in perpetrating war crimes.
Understand your past so you can fight for your future!
Where did class society come from? What is the state? Why do we need a revolution?
The real story of the anti-fascist war.
Understanding WW2 - the Spanish Civil War and the Battle of Stalingrad.
Overproduction book cover BOOK: Imperialism and the Worst-Ever Crisis of Overproduction by H Brar and E Rule

Tracing the origins and development of the current world crisis of imperialism, the authors show just why it is that the leading imperialist powers are ramping up their attacks on the working class at home and waging ever more barbaric wars against the oppressed peoples abroad. In doing so they confirm once again the validity of Marxist-Leninist science and show that only the revolutionary path can bring peace and prosperity to humanity.
More info


Revisionism and the Demise of the USSR (pamphlet, March 2011)

After the Gaza Freedom Flotilla: Israel's Days are Numbered (pamphlet, June 2010)

Capitalism and Immigration (pamphlet, September 2009)

The 1926 British General Strike (pamphlet, September 2009)

LEAFLET: Axe the tax! Let the rich pay for their crisis!

Protestor's placard reads: 'Can't Pay Won't Move'If our rulers really want to do something about the affordable housing shortage, why not set rent controls in the private sector, build lots of new social homes and requisition all those empty 'deluxe' flats?

It is not immigrants, fat people, poor people, smokers, benefit claimers, council-house tenants, hoodies or pensioners who are 'bleeding the country dry' but the free-market-fundamentalist gangsters who rampage all over the globe in search of profit, profit and more profit.    Read the leaflet

The Universal Credit benefits system (Lalkar, March 2013)

Capitalism isn't working (Lalkar, November 2012)

Red Youth: Who stole our future? (Leaflet, October 2011)

Speech: What does the USSR mean to my generation? (YouTube, August 2011)

LEAFLET: The People's Assembly must beware the Grand Old Dukes of York!

The Grand Old Dukes of OpportunismThe People's Assembly's self-appointed leaders say they want to take meaningful action to stop the cuts, but they propose to achieve this aim by handing our campaigns over to the same union leaders who have steadfastly refused to take on the fight, and to the same Labour party that oversaw privatisation and austerity (and predatory wars abroad) when in power, and that promises more of the same if elected in 2015!
Read the leaflet; Read the full article

Breadline Britain: the rise of the food banks (Proletarian, December 2013)

Energy prices through the roof and rising (Proletarian, December 2013)

Postal workers and tax payers shafted in the Royal Mail sell-off (Lalkar, November 2013)

Miliband confesses (Lalkar, July 2013)

Government tries to destroy social housing -- let's hit back! (Lalkar, July 2013)

The CPGB-ML is fighting for communism - the future that works!
Join us and help to make it happen.
LEAFLET: Time to face it: capitalism must go!

Greek communists occupy the Acropolis in Athens and call upon European workers to rise upThe government wants us to pay the price of preserving the bankers' and billionaires' dying system. It wants us to save capitalism by sacrificing ourselves, our grandparents and our children at the altar of free-market fundamentalism.

But the financial crisis is not of our making; our work can and will create sufficient wealth for everybody to be able to live well. If capitalism will not produce or distribute because there's no profit to be made, then the working class take over production itself.    Read the leaflet

Save the Children issue new report: hunger = illiteracy (Red Youth blog, May 2013)

Cyprus: another domino goes flying (Proletarian, June 2013)

Editorial: Obscene levels of poverty and wealth (Proletarian, August 2012)

Red Youth: Who stole our future? (Leaflet, October 2011)

Speech: Join the struggle! (YouTube, August 2011)

LEAFLET: Save the NHS from capitalist greed

Demonstration against NHS privatisation outside parliamentAll too often, anti-privatisation campaigners leave themselves exposed by a superficial analysis that sees the HASC Bill as the personal project of Lansley himself. Always in the background there lurks the dangerous illusion that every British worker should by now know to avoid like the plague: that if only a Labour government were in office, all would be well.    Read the leaflet

Cuban life indicators continue to rise (Proletarian, February 2014)

How do we defend the NHS? (Proletarian, December 2013)

NHS: death by a thousand cuts (Proletarian, February 2013)

Last chance to save the NHS (Proletarian, February 2012)

Opposing the 'liberation' of the NHS (Proletarian, October 2011)

Future generations must not pay for this capitalist crisis (Proletarian, Aug 2010)

End in sight for National Health Service (Proletarian, August 2006)
LEAFLET: Ground the drones; no cooperation with British war crimes!

Pakistani women protest against CIA drone strikesIf we continue to accept the assassination of those deemed to be 'enemies' abroad, how long will it be before British workers are asked to accept the extra-judicial murders of working-class politicians at home as being necessary for our 'security'?

Instead of falling for the capitalists' lies, we need to unite with all those who are standing up against British imperialism in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and elsewhere. We need to launch a mass campaign of non-cooperation with British imperialism's war crimes. Together, we have the power to ground the drones and stop imperialism's dirty wars, for it is workers who ultimately have to carry out these anti-worker actions.    Read the leaflet; Read the full article

CIAid agencies (Proletarian, February 2013)

Afghan resistance advancing to victory (Proletarian, October 2012)

Libya: a media war (YouTube, October 2011)

Cutting out the lies about north Korea
CPGB-ML member Keith Bennett talks to George Galloway, and the Korean ambassador talks to the CPGB-ML
STATEMENT: The US is stoking the flames of war in Korea

Top: Anti-war poster slogan reads: No more war, US out of Korea. Bottom: Che Guevara was a great admirer of Kim Il Sung and socialist KoreaIn the context of the latest US-led military exercises, more and more deadly military equipment is being poured into the Korean tinderbox. Three warships are gathering in the waters just off Korea's coast, and thousands of US soldiers are engaged in full-scale dress-rehearsal for a nuclear war.

Meanwhile, nuclear-capable US B-52 bombers have been practising bombing raids over Korea, awaking memories among the people of the DPRK of how every town and city in their country was flattened by US carpet-bombing raids in the genocidal war of 1950-53. Four million Koreans were killed as a result of imperialism's barbaric assault on their country.   
Read the full statement

Korea: front line between socialism and imperialism (Proletarian, February 2014)

US imperialism threatens war in Korea and targets China (Lalkar, May 2013)

VIDEO: Juche in Britain and Korea (YouTube, July 2012)

VIDEO: Kim Jong Il - a revolutionary life (YouTube, February 2013)

DPRK's satellite launch stuns imperialists (Lalkar, January 2013)

VIDEO: North Korea - reality check! (YouTube, November 2010)

STATEMENT: A red salute to Comrade Hugo Chávez

Comrade Hugo ChavezA great revolutionary light has been extinguished, but the cause for which President Hugo Chávez fought lives on as his abiding legacy, for it is the finest cause in all the world -- and he served it truly.

It is with profound sorrow that we learned of Comrade Chávez's deteriorating medical condition and death, but his great spirit -- which helped to transform the economic and political relations of his fellow workers, the Venezuelan masses, and the Americas -- lives on.    Read the full statement

Hugo Chávez: heroic internationalist revolutionary (Proletarian, April 2013)

Support Venezuela against imperialist-backed sabotage (Proletarian, December 2013)

Hugo Chávez: A great revolutionary life, lived in the service of humanity (Lalkar, May 2013)

Condolences to the Venezuelan people (Blog, March 2013)

Birmingham memorial meeting message to Venezuela (Red Youth, March 2013)

LEAFLET: Support Palestine ... Join the axis of resistance!

Palestine flagBritish workers can actually do a lot more, if we are prepared to use our collective power over the country's economy. The ruling class might give orders, but it is we who are expected to carry them out. If we all refuse, there is not that much they can do.

Neither the capitalists themselves, nor their careerist spivs in Whitehall are about to send their own kids to work in arms factories, to drive trains, to crew cargo ships, to enlist as cannon fodder, or even to print and broadcast their pro-Israel propaganda.    Read the full leaflet

Palestine: strengthen the axis of resistance! (Proletarian, December 2013)

PSC: Palestine Safety-valve Committee? (Proletarian, February 2013)

Historic victory for Palestine at the UN (Proletarian, February 2013)

Hail the victory of the Palestinian hunger strikers! (Proletarian, June 2012)

No justice for the Gaza protestors (Proletarian, August 2010)

Anti-imperialism and the PSC executive (joti2gaza, January 2012)

Trotskyism is a tool of the capitalists ... Leninism is a weapon for the workers!

Stalin: imperialism brings the workers to revolutionTrotsky's attacks on 'Stalinism' were actually just the continuation of his lifelong struggle against Leninism. The counter-revolutionary nature of Trotskyism explains why Trotsky is held up to schoolchildren throughout the imperialist world as the 'real' revolutionary!    Read the leaflet

Leaflet: Ditch Labour to fight the cuts!

It needs to be spelt out: the Labour party stands for the defence of British imperialist interests, and it uses its TUC and union placemen to stop workers from doing real damage to those interests, no matter what the human costs at home or abroad.    Read the full leaflet

Leaflet: Forget the jubilee (June 2012)

Speech: Join the struggle (YouTube, July 2011)

Communists and the struggle against imperialism (Proletarian, December 2011)

Stopping the war machine: anti-war work in Britain (Lalkar, July 2012)

Leaflet: Who stole our future? (October 2011)

Video: Trotskyism or Leninism? (YouTube, January 2012)

LEAFLET: Hands off Somalia!

Somali resistance forces in formationWestern imperialist policy on Somalia is nothing to do with pirates or kidnapping. It's all about oil. Since the overthrow of Siad Barre in 1991, Washington has wanted to get its hands on the lucrative oil deals conceded by the president before his departure.    Read the leaflet

Kenya, Somalia and imperialism (Lalkar, November 2013)

Mali: another filthy, predatory imperialist war (Lalkar, March 2013)

Connecting the African and British struggles against imperialism (Proletarian, June 2013)

Libya: Green resistance on the rise (Proletarian, December 2012)

Marikana massacre: a turning point in South Africa (Proletarian, October 2012)

The Kenya files (Proletarian, June 2012)

Somali oil: black gold and imperial conquest (Proletarian, April 2012)

Speech: Apartheid and imperialism (YouTube, February 2012)

Speech: Flowers and famine in Ethiopia (YouTube, July 2011)

YOUTH UPRISING: Bourgeois ideologues battle for control of the working-class movement

Police and local youths battle on the streets of Tottenham, 6 AugustIf it were to be faced by a united working-class movement, the bourgeoisie, who number only a few thousand billionaires and their favourites, knows that it could not survive. Hence the urgent need to divide the masses of the people in addition to intimidating them.    Read the full article

Rage against capitalism (Proletarian, Special supplement, August 2011)

Revolt is an example to emulate (Proletarian, Special supplement, August 2011)

RED YOUTH STATEMENT OF AIMS: We Want Freedom! (Updated, Aug 2011)

Who stole our future? (Red Youth leaflet, October 2011)

Worsening economic crisis sees violent repression escalate (Prol, June 2011)

Death of reggae star Smiley Culture (Proletarian, June 2011)

The battle of Stokes Croft (Proletarian, June 2011)

Students lead the way with Millbank occupation (Proletarian, December 2010)

British state-sponsored thugs in uniform: licensed to kill (Lalkar, May 2009)

Red salute to Comrade Godfrey Cremer (May 1943-March 2012)

Comrade Godfrey CremerThis remarkable man -- hardworking, dedicated and self-effacing -- had many opponents, but not a single personal enemy. His gentle manner, courteous behaviour, concern for others, and warm concern for humanity obliged even his opponents to hold him in high regard.    Tribute to Godfrey Andries Cremer

Video tributes from Godfrey's memorial meeting (YouTube, May 2012)

Song for Godfrey (Proletarian, June 2012)

Letter of condolence from South African comrades (Proletarian, April 2012)

Poem: Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh (Proletarian, April 2006)

Poem: Zimbabwe Chimurenga (YouTube, February 2012)

Poem: Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh (YouTube, Nov 2011)

Darwin, Marx and materialism (YouTube, June 2009)

Libya, Syria and the Middle East (YouTube, March 2011)

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